The 360 Revenge Racer is a vehicle only available to the Xbox 360 version of Burnout Revenge. It is a reskin of the Prototype R205 GT with slightly upgraded performance. The car is also driven in the demo of Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360. The engine sounds like the Carson Annihilator Street Rod boosting when ever the boost is being used.

Unlike the Revenge Racer (but like it's other reskin), the 360 Revenge Racer is not capable of keeping the extra speed it gets from drift jumping. Once acquired, the extra speed rapidly decreases, making this one of the more avoidable choices for high-skilled online games.

How to UnlockEdit

Download the 360 Revenge Racer from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and then unlock the Prototype R205 GT in the World Tour. Win a Bromze Medal In Lone Peak Crashbreaker Race Forwards In a Rank 10.


The 360 Revenge Racer is the same as the Revenge Racer. It returns as the Watson 25 V16 Revenge in Burnout Paradise. In terms of real-life resemblance, it resembles the Gumpert Apollo, a German track car.


  • It was a kiosk car at one point, but because the discs weren't up to date, it was later put up on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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