These original Challenges require exactly 3 players to be in your Online Freeburn game.

1Boost BabyDriverUse Boost.
2Driver DestructionDriverSmash a Burnout Billboard.
3Get Air TimeDriverGet a total of 5 seconds of Air Time.
4Drift IntroDriverDrift a total of 100 yards.
5CoastguardsTeamMeet at the Coastguard HQ.
6Jump Co-opTeamGet a total of 300 yards of Jump Distance. All drivers must contribute.
7Oncoming IntroDriverDrive into oncoming traffic for 75 yards.
85 Near MissesDriverGet a total of 5 Near Misses.
9All DriftDriverDrift for 100 yards.
10Co-op Air TimeTeamGet a total of 15 seconds of Air Time. All drivers must contribute.
11Barrel RollDriverLand a barrel Roll at Big Surf beach.
1220 Second RunDriverGet a total of 20 seconds of Boosting.
13Flight TimeDriverGet a total of 10 seconds of Air Time from the backstreet ramps off Angus Wharf.
14Go Ahead, Jump!TeamEach driver, jump over the other 2 drivers in the Downtown Park.
15Flat Spin IntroDriverFlat Spin off a ramp.
16Jump BridgeDriverLand a total of 10 Jumps on the South Bay Expressway Bridge.
17WaterworksTeamMeet on the roof of the Waterworks behind Rockridge Dam.
18Earth MoversTeamGet a total of over 30 seconds of Air Time at the Lone Peaks Quarry. All drivers must contribute.
19The Paradise JobDriverDrive through the North Mountain Drive pipeline.
20Uphill JumpsTeamEach driver, jump over the other 2 drivers at the Uphill Steps.
21Fly on the EdgeDriverJump Dead Man's Edge, once from the north side, once from the south.
22Windy SpinnerDriverGet a total of over 360 degrees of Flat Spin at the Wind Farm on North Mountain Drive.
23Barn BustersTeamMeet in the hayloft of the barn on Hillside Pass.
24Airfield MarathonTeamDrift a total of 2,500 yards and land 20 Jumps at the Eastern Shore Airfield. All drivers must contribute.
25Air ProxDriverNear Miss 5 cars at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
26Hoops of GloryDriverJump from the hangar through the red aircraft fuselage section at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
27Long JumpDriverJump a total of 500 yards.
28Tunnel VisionDriverGet a 5-vehicle Near Miss chain in the Lawrence Road Tunnel.
2915 Second BurnDriverBoost non-stop for 15 seconds.
30Ocean View SpinsDriverFlat Spin your car 90 degrees off the Ocean View Steps.
31Beachfront DisplayTeamTake turns to Barrel Roll over the other 2 drivers using the ramps on the beach at Big Suirf.
32O2KDriverGet a total of 2,000 yards of Oncoming.
33Splash DriftTeamDrift a total of 4,000 yards around the Franke Avenue fountain. All drivers must contribute.
34Draw JumpingTeamLand a total of 15 Jumps over the Paradise Avenue Bridge. All drivers must contribute.
35Go Wildcats!TeamMeet inside the Wildcats Baseball Stadium.
36Near Miss ChainDriverGet a 7-vehicle Near Miss chain.
37Co-op SmashTeamSmash 10 Burnout Billboards. All drivers must contribute.
38Traffic CalmingDriverPower Park your car.
39CountdownDriverGet a total of 60 seconds of Boost time.
40Fish and FlipsTeamLand a total of 20 Jumps and get a total of 720 degrees of Flat Spin at the Manners Pier.
41Express JumpsTeamLand a total of 21 jumps on the South Bay Expressway Bridge. All drivers must contribute.
42Reverse Cliff TopDriverJump off the cliff at the Rockridge Dam in reverse.
43RockfallsDriverDrift a total of 3,000 yards and get 800 degrees of Flat Spin in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
44Jump For Your LifeTeamAll drivers jump onto the railroad from the Read Lane ramps at the same time.
45Sky DriverDriverJump 100 yards over the Nelson Way Gas Station using the railroad high jump.
46Ready To TumbleTeamLand a total of 10 Barrel Rolls off the broken bridge on 1st Street. All drivers must contribute.
47Keep It GoingDriverBoost non-stop for 20 seconds on the I-88 Freeway.
48City SightsTeamJump from the parking garage on the EAST side of Angus Wharf to meet upon top of the parking garage on the WEST side.
491st Street ReverseDriverJump over the 1st Street Bridge while driving in reverse.
50Check It Out!TeamUse the ramps on the Fry Avenue parking garage and meet on the roof of the DJR Sports store.

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