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These original Challenges require exactly 4 players to be in your Online Freeburn game.

14 Way PlayTeamLand a total of 24 jumps off the back-street ramps behind Angus Wharf. All drivers must contribute.
2Near Miss IntroDriverNear miss a traffic vehicle.
3Drift ItDriverDrift for 50 yards.
450 Yard JumpDriverJump 50 yards off a ramp.
5Air timeDriverGet a total of 8 seconds of Air Time.
6Go ClubbingTeamMeet at the Maplemount Country Club.
7Fast or LastDriverGet a total of 10 seconds of Boosting.
8Pave ParadiseDriverPower Park your car.
9Jump DistanceTeamJump a total of 350 yards. All drivers must contribute.
10Drawing LotsDriverFlat Spin over the Paradise Avenue Bridge.
11Airfield Air TimeDriverJump 4 times at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
1212k DriftTeamDrift a total of 12,000 yards and get 12 Near Misses at the Eastern Shore Airfield. All drivers must contribute.
13Look and LeapDriverJump 100 yards.
14Billboard IntroDriverSmash through a Burnout Billboard.
15Island HoppingDriverFind the lakeside ramps and jump to Silver Lake Island then off again.
16Victory!TeamGet a total of 2,400 yards of oncoming on Nelson Way. All drivers must contribute.
17Barrel of LaughsDriverBarrel Roll off the ramp on Read Lane and land on the railroad.
18Stay On TargetDriverDrive through the pipeline on North Mountain Drive.
19Uphill StruggleTeamDrift a total of 4,000 yards and get 8,000 yards of Oncoming on Uphill Drive. All drivers must contribute.
20All Fired UpDriverBoost non-stop for 10 seconds.
21The Rock HoleDriverDiscover the jump route through the rock arch on North Mountain Drive.
22Jump and MissTeamLand a total of 30 Jumps and 20 Near Misses on the South Bay Expressway Bridge. All drivers must contribute.
23In The NavyTeamMeet at the Fort Lawrence Naval Yard.
24Four-siteTeamUse the ramps on the roof of the Lambert Parkway Parking Garage and meet in the second building under construction on Hall Avenue.
25Quick DrawTeamLand a total of 20 Jumps on the Paradise Avenue Bridge. All drivers must contribute.
26Newton DriftDriverDrift a total of 1,000 yards on Newton Drive.
27Railway RollerDriverLand a barrel Roll in the Big Surf train yard.
28Freeway OncomingTeamChain 250 yards of Oncoming on the I-88 Freeway, all at the same time.
29Strike!TeamCrash into each other inside the Baseball Stadium.
30Right Angled RollDriverBarrel Roll off a ramp and Flat Spin 90 degrees.
31Drift 4 FunTeamDrift a total of 2,000 yards. All drivers must contribute.
32Reverse BreakDriverJump over the broken bridge on 1st Street in reverse.
33Hot Tin RoofTeamJump from the Webster Avenue Parking Garage and meet on the roof of the train yard.
34Stop SpotDriverPower Park and score 75% or better.
35Tunnel of ShoveTeamGet a total of 16 Near Misses in the Lawrence Road Tunnel. All drivers must contribute.
36CrashworksTeamCrash into each other on the roof of the Waterworks behind the Rockridge Dam.
37Flat Spin To WinDriverGet a total of 720 degrees of Flat Spin on the South Bay Expressway Bridge.
38We Have Lift Off!DriverBoost while Barrel Rolling off the cliff overlooking the Rockridge Dam.
39Dirt BusterDriverDrift a total of 2,000 yards and get 4 Near Misses at the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track.
40Mined the Gap!TeamLand a total of 15 jumps over the mine shaft in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
41Quarry RollsDriverLand a double Barrel Roll in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
42Rockridge SpinsDriverFlat spin more than 270 degrees off the cliff overlooking the Rockridge Dam.
43Dam Blast!TeamDrift a total of 4,000 yards and land 8 Jumps off the cliff overlooking the Rockridge Dam. All drivers must contribute.
44InfernoDriverGet a total of 100 seconds of Boosting.
45Step On!TeamGet a total of over 1080 degrees of Flat Spin off the Uphill Steps. All drivers must contribute.
46FlatspinnersDriverFlat Spin more than 150 degrees over the Nelson Way Gas Station using the railroad high jump.
47Smash!TeamGet a total of 12 smashed Burnout Billboards. All drivers must contribute.
48Thru HoopDriverJump from the collapsed hanger through the suspended aircraft fuselage section at the Easter Shore Airfield.
49Trail BlazersDriverBoost non-stop for 20 seconds on the I-88 Freeway.
50Barrel HooplaDriverBarrel Roll from the collapsed hanger through the suspended aircraft section at the Eastern Shore Airfield.

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