4x4 C180 Super
4x4 C180 Super
Game BurnoutRevLogo
Weighticon Heavy
Breakericon Force 7
Boosting 180 MPH

Description Edit

The 4x4 C180 Super is one of the first crash vehicles unlocked in the PS2/XBOX versions of Burnout Revenge. It is very fast and has a good crashbreaker, but the major drawback is the Truck's slippery handlng. Even at the slightest tap of the d-pad or joystick this vehicle will often drift. This vehicle is not so great of a choice for curved junctions, but it delivers on getting into junctions fast by accelerating quickly. In spite of being a heavier crash vehicle, its movement is sometimes interfered with by wind. Compared to other mid-weight crashers, the 4X4 C180 Super does an excellent job at launching itself off ramps.

Represented as a car of Lone Peak, the 4X4 C180 Super has a license plate that reads RM-CR-01 (Rushmore Crasher 1).

Available colors for this vehicle are black, grey, yellow, purple, orange, silver, red, and blue.

How to Unlock Edit

PS2/Xbox Win a medal in the Lone Peak Crash Off The Beaten Truck in Rank 1.

Xbox 360 Win Medal in the Central Route Crash Enter The Junction in Rank 6.

Resemblance Edit

The 4x4 C180 Super resembles a Toyota Tundra.

See Also Edit

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