The Alienware car is one of the ultimate vehicles in the Xbox 360 version of Burnout Revenge. It is a reskin and a +4 Boost Speed upgrade of the Limited R205 GT, but it sports the company called Alienware, who sells computers, keyboards, and other electronics.

The only differences between this and it's non-DLC variant is that it tends to crash out unexpectedly because of it's very low front bumper. An example is that it can crash on uphill surfaces, as well as a certain spot on White Mountain R after the bridge in construction. This can be an unfair occurrence when using this car in events like Road Rage, as the car doesn't really hit anything upon driving. The same holds true when driving this car in Eastern Bay.

Not only that, but because of the increased Boost Speed and slightly increased acceleration, it rarely does wheelies when constantly pressing the boost button. This is a dangerous ability under normal driving, as this also tends to make the vehicle crash itself out.

When it comes to drift jumping with this vehicle, the speed doesn't increase a lot. This car has a possibility of going over 245 MPH and possibly more if the jump is big enough. The Light weight conversion of this car prevents it from going beyond that, and it makes this car an acceptable for Road Rage, despite the flaws it has.

Similar to the Nixon Special and Logitech World Racer, shunting really hard into rivals can result in being vertically taken down due to it's low front bumper, also making this an unfair occurrence.

Like it's non-DLC variant (as well as it's other reskin), it is unable to perform Boost Starts online.

How to Unlock Edit

Download the Alienware Car from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and then earn a Bronze Medal at the Central Route Traffic Attack Short Reverse In a Rank 9. or 100% Game Complete

Resemblance Edit

It looks just like the Limited R205 GT but with an Alienware livery and blue neon lights on all the vents.

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