The Assassin is the third vehicle in the Hot Rod Class in Burnout Dominator. It is essentially a recreation of the Dominator Assassin from Burnout Revenge except it has the Classic Crasher C170's finish instead. It also reappears in Burnout Paradise as one of the Carson Thunder Custom. True to its name, the Assassin is very heavy and capable of taking down rivals easily. Its slower acceleration and more sluggish handling make it less suitable as a racer and more of a battler.

How to Unlock Edit

Get 150,000 points in the Maniac event on Ocean Drive.

Resemblance Edit

It resembles a 1949 Mercury Eight and the first-generation Hudson Hornet. It also resembles the Classic Crasher C170 from Burnout Revenge.


  • The Assassin is the first incarnation of the Dominator Assassin that can be used outside of Crash mode.
  • The Assassin has no front bumper in the PSP version.