The BestBuy Car is a reskin of the Etnies Racer from Burnout Revenge and was only made available to those who downloaded the car to their Xbox 360 MU from an Xbox 360 Kiosk at a BestBuy store.

How to UnlockEdit

Download the BestBuy Car from an Xbox 360 kiosk at a BestBuy Store and then complete the Motor City Challenge Sheet.


It somewhat resembles a NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo.


  • This is the only Burnout vehicle to appear as the same sponsor vehicle in two Burnout games.
  • The Bestbuy Car returns in Burnout Paradise as the Hunter BestBuy Oval Champ.
  • The Bestbuy car is based off of the car that Mike Bliss drove in the NASCAR Nextel Cup series in 2005.