Big Surf Beach
Big Surf Beach
Type Seaside Beach
District Palm Bay Heights
(Big Surf)
Terrain Sand and wood planking
Smash Gate 2
Jumps 5 (each sides of ramps)

Big Surf Beach is a small beach on the northeastern border of Palm Bay Heights, next to the Coastguard HQ. Two Split Ramps and its location make it a popular place for players to Freeburn and one of the notable places for doing barrel rolls during Freeburn Challenges.

It is one of the 2 accessible beaches in Paradise City, although only a portion of it is accessible itself. It must be noted that car handling is modified on the sandy surface, such as using the e-brake on the sand, which often causes vehicles to turn around considerably more than a normal e-brake turn.

The beach features two Split Ramps, two Natural Ramps (the beach sloped ramps), and a tunnel divided into two sections under the Beachfront Stores and 2 Natural Ramps at either end of the beach. The beach can be accessed by either entering through the slopes on the ends of the beach or jumping in between the gaps on the left and right of the stores.

Freeburn ChallengesEdit

Below are the Freeburn Challenges that take place on Big Surf Beach.

2 28 Beachfront Rolls Driver Challenge Land 2 Barrel Rolls on Big Surf Beach.
2 35 Wave Jumping Team Challenge Jump over each other using the ramps at the Big Surf Beachfront.
3 11 Barrel Roll Driver Challenge Land a barrel Roll at Big Surf beach.
3 31 Beachfront Display Team Challenge Take turns to Barrel Roll over the other 2 drivers using the ramps on the beach at Big Surf.
5 28 Beachfront Pose Driver Challenge Jump 4 times off the ramps on the Big Surf Beach.
5 31 Beachcomber Driver Challenge Flat Spin 70 degrees at the Big Surf beach.
5 47 Beach Jump Reverse Driver Challenge Jump off a ramp backwards on Big Surf beach.
6 7 Barrel Roll Intro Driver Challenge Land a barrel Roll on Big Surf beach.
6 40 Can You Make It? Team Challenge One driver jump the other 5 on Big Surf beach.
6 41 Sandy Display Driver Challenge Land 4 Barrel Rolls and Flat Spin a total of 270 degrees on Big Surf beach.
7 5 Beachfront Aerials Team Challenge Get a total of 35 seconds of Air Time on Big Surf beach. All drivers must contribute.
8 8 Barrel Roll Intro Driver Challenge Land a Barrel Roll on Big Surf Beach
8 9 Stuntman! Team Challenge One driver jump the other 7 on Big Surf Beach.

Timed ChallengesEdit

Below are the Timed Challenges that take place in Big Surf Beach.

Players # Name Target Time Part 1 Part 2
2 6 Partners in Time 01m52s Each driver get 3 Aerial Near Misses using the ramps on the Big Surf Beach. Jump over each other on the Big Surf Beach.
7 1 Time and Tide 05m00s Meet up on the Big Surf Beach. 45 Takedowns as a team on the Big Surf Beach will stop the clock.
8 4 Sand Timer 05m00s Meet up on the roof of the Young Avenue Car Park. Each driver take it in turns to jump all the other drivers on the Big Surf Beach. Jump around!

Gallery Edit

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