The Black Elite Racer is a special two-door car in Burnout Revenge. It has green windows and a special 'Black' vinyl down each side of the body. The car was incorporated as a promotional tool for the Criterion-developed shooter Black released for PlayStation 2 & Xbox in 2006. The license plate is inscribed "Kellar" which is the name of the protagonist in Black.

Performance-wise, this car has a Light weight, which means a bit of slow acceleration, but makes it a fair choice in Road Rage. Super Light vehicles will have some difficulty taking it out.

It has understeer at high speed, resulting in it's mobility being limited. It slides a bit when drifting, requiring the driver to release the gas a bit to make a good turn.

When doing Drift Jumps, this car can do an impressive 280 MPH, which can make it's use online a good choice, and can also maintain the speed it gets from doing the action.

It's low front end can make it crash suddenly and unexpectedly on certain spots such as after the bridge in construction in White Mountain R or one of the Eastern Bay tracks in the tunnels. As long as White Mountain and/or Eastern Bay aren't chosen online, the Black Elite Racer can be a formidable vehicle to go against.

The Black Elite Racer is a special reskin of the Criterion M-Type GT. Players cannot change the color of this car, as its livery is based off the first person shooter game Black. The car now has tinted green windscreens, headlights and taillights but the boost remains blue. To top it off, the Black Elite Racer receives a slight speed increase from its GT counterpart.

How to UnlockEdit

Attain rank 11 (Elite).


It bears resemblance to the Nissan Skyline R34.

The Black Elite Racer is the Muscle Type 2 of Burnout 3: Takedown.


  • The Black Elite Racer in the Xbox 360 version does not feature the Black vinyls but does the feature the Kellar License Plate. This is mostly because Black wasn't made for the Xbox 360 up until 2008, nearly two years after Burnout Revenge came out on the 360.

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