The Bus is a vehicle in the original Burnout. It is easily defeated against a fast car such as the Saloon GT or Roadster though it can easily ram oncoming traffic and rivals. It is very slow and is not recommended for tournaments and Face Off events.

How to UnlockEdit

Win Face Off 4.

To unlock the Bus in the final Face-off the following cars must be selected to compete

  1. Muscle ( mostly optional )
  2. Roadster
  3. Saloon GT

The bus is very slow and like the Tow Truck in Face-off 2, you will have no problems but the Bus will slowly cruise if you are behind it and try to ram or overtake you if your ahead of it. A hint to beat it is to drift close to left side of the hairpin but be warned, The bus will do a similar thing as well so in the tunnels stay on the oncoming side of traffic and use boost if necessary. Be careful on the first lap though ; because on the long straight after the second right turn a bus will drive across side on ( unless you know how to dodge it, it is likely you will crash into it every time, even if you are playing this course during championship or single player ) However if you collide into it, don't panic because the Bus will either collide with the bus as well or collide into the traffic on the right side of the bridge.


  • The Bus has been seen in every Burnout game either as traffic or a usable vehicle. It is not drivable in the later games in the Burnout Series.
  • The Bus is able to keep up with players during Face Off 4 because of the game's Rubberband AI which is designed to slow down the vehicle when ahead of the player but also speed up when behind the player to ridiculous proportions.
  • At some point during development, this vehicle was presumably called the Hudson 418.[1] It was later renamed the Bus for unknown reasons.
  • During Face Off 4, if the bus crashes on the side of the bridge at the start of the course, there is a slight chance that the Bus will respawn on the freeway below. This will count as the Bus completing a full lap, and the player will be put in second should this happen.

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