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Call of the Wild
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Burnout Paradise Race
Call of the Wild
Start Nelson Way & Lucas Way
Finish Wildcats Baseball Stadium
Participants 8
Distance 5.0 miles

Call of the Wild is a Race in Burnout Paradise.

Route Edit

Players should start going South on Nelson Way and the merge with West Lake Drive staying on the road or taking the various back alleys going through Sunset Valley Town. Approaching the Hills Motel parking, the player should head for the Smash Gate marked shortcut which will take them in front of the Waterworks and bring them back on Geldard Drive.

Racers should travel to its end and then turn into Hubbard Avenue to continue eastbound. Racers should make use of the tunnel shortcut on the right when going downhill to cut the bend and arrive speeding into the Harber Street intersection.

Drifting around the bend, players should then take the paved area on the left and smash through the billboard to drop back onto Harber Street. At the oncoming intersection they should veer left onto Lambert Parkway to the take the first right onto 1st Street.

Once eastbound on 1st Street the finish line is just straight down.

Notes Edit

  • With an appropriate vehicle, without crashing and when taking the recommended shortcuts, this Race can be won without boosting.