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Cars Attacks
Cars Attacks 1
Located In Motor City
B2 Gold $7,000,000
B2 Silver $4,000,000
B2 Bronze $2,000,000
Hollywood Spills
Cars Attacks is the third crash junction in Motor City. Although it is set in the same area as Deconstruction Site, traffic is placed on the bridge rather than under it. As a result, the junction's strategy is to block both lanes of traffic by hitting it head-on. There is also a stunt ramp leading into a packed parking lot, but players will miss traffic if they drive onto it, so its better used as a post-crash guide off of the bridge. Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage to leaving the bridge. If the player relies on traffic to continue piling up unassisted, a pack of small cars will halt their commute and remain intact, including the junction's target car. Although it is possible to win without taking down the target, a player is more likely to get a higher score doing so unless they trigger another Crashbreaker in the parking lot.

Notes Edit

  • The junction's name is a pun of the movie Mars Attacks.