Carson & Benett
Carson Logo Dual
Based In United States of America
Inspired By Plymouth, Dodge, Ford & Chevrolet
Total Vehicles 38
Stat-stunt 14
Stat-aggression 14
Stat-speed 10
Stat-locked 1

Carson is one of two major American manufacturers in Burnout Paradise with a total of 38 manufactured vehicles. Its line up of vehicles seems to be more of a classic car manufacturer with more than half of its 38 vehicles comprised of an older visual style. Carson is a parody of real-world manufacturers Plymouth, Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet.

The company's emblem is actually a flattened and stylized psi character which is the penultimate letter of the Greek alphabet. It is also the symbol associated with the study of Psychology.

"Carson" is a common surname of many people, but the name most likely refers to stunt driver Brian Carson.

Overview Edit

Most of the cars manufactured by Carson utilize Aggression boost and are generally fairly heavy in curb weight. Some of the other vehicles include the impressive GT Concept, which is a Stunt boost car while the Carson 500 GT and its modified version are Speed boost cars.

Carson is said to have participated in the development and research of dangerous prototype vehicles, although they deny any claims in doing so. This statement has since placed Carson within a conspiracy after confirmations of a declassified government documentation credited and headed involving the Carson GT Nighthawk.

Carson also manufactured the Extreme Hotrod which is an upgraded and modified variant of the Carson Hot Rod Coupe. It utilizes a new boost type known as Locked boost.

Some 1930s vehicles such as the Carson Grand Marais and the Carson Hot Rod Coupe are said to be manufactured by Carson & Bennett. This implies that these two specific vehicles were manufactured as either a joint effort between Carson and Bennett or that they were both once a partnership. Later generation vehicles can only been seen with the Carson tag. This could indicate that the merger has either dissolved or the company changed their name to Carson.

Vehicles featured in Burnout Paradise Edit

Paradise City Cars Edit

Make Model Boost Type Cruising
Speed 138 mph
155 mph
Earn a B Class License. None
SpeedIcon Stat-speedStat-speedStat-speedStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray
BoostIcon Stat-speedStat-speedStat-speedStat-speedStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray
StrengthIcon Stat-speedStat-speedStat-speedStat-speedStat-speedStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray

Boost Specials Edit

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Legendary Cars Edit

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Toy Cars Edit

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PCPD Cars Edit

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Big Surf Island Cars Edit

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  • Carson is also a bus manufacturer in the fictional Seacrest County of Criterion's Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.
  • The "Carson" logo is also very similar to the "Chevrolet" logo except the arms of the "Carson" logo are bent up and look also like a trophy.
  • The logo and name "Carson" are inspired by the movie "Motocrossed".

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