The Carson Inferno Van is one of the few heavy vehicles in Paradise City with a ridiculous amount of weight and strength. In fact, the Inferno Van and its Burning Route variant are two of the toughest and heaviest vehicles in Paradise City. Its top speed is impressive for such a hefty vehicle but its acceleration, handling and average boost ratings are not the best for Race events. Its weight also makes it completely useless for Stunt Runs, but is a very good vehicle for Road Rage and Marked Man events.

This big van, unlike the Hunter Takedown, does not have as much body roll. This makes it a tad better for when being shunted by other cars. Only slight. Because this vehicle has a RWD configuration, drifting is much easier when using the normal brakes. When using the E-brake, the van quickly steps out to make a 'Perfect' drift. Though because the body is so wide, it may end up drifting with understeer at higher speeds. At lower speeds, it can feel like trying to navigate an X fighter through New York at rush hour, but because of its weight, its guaranteed, as long as its moving, to slow down and possibly stop any cars shunting it from behind. When going against a Nighthawk, this big rolling tank can battle with it quite well. True as it can't out speed a Nighthawk, it can slow it down with simple rams, sideswipes, or force it into an uncontrolled straight trajectory from a hard shunt. If the player manages to PIT maneuver the Nighthawk, the car will end up being positioned sideways for a T bone Takedown.

Description Edit

Handles like a tank. Hits like a tank. Basically, it is a tank. It just looks like a van.

Resemblance Edit

The Carson Inferno Van resembles a 1983 GMC Vandura.

It also bears a strong resemblance to the civilian Vans part of the traffic.

Burning Route Edit

Burning Route (Right) Inferno Van Burning Route

How to Unlock Edit

Win 51 events then shut it down.

Notes Edit

  • Burnout Paradise's Free February Update lowered the Inferno Van's speed stat from 7 to 4 and its boost stat was raised from 5 to 6.
  • The license plate reads: US-VN-01 which stands for "United States-Van-01".
  • Traffic vans share the same plate and a similar body.
  • A Paradise Award references the B Team Van in Burnout 3: Takedown on which the Inferno Van was based which in itself is a reference to the van featured prominently in the TV series "The A-Team."
  • "Inferno" is the Italian and Portuguese word for "Hell".