Cavalry Burning Route
Cavalry br
Required Rewarded
Start Finish
East Crawford Drive and Patterson Avenue Wildcats Baseball Stadium
Target Times
Original Updated
1 minute 10 seconds 1 minute 40 seconds

The Cavalry Burning Route is the first Burning Route Event in Burnout Paradise and, consequently, one of the easiest. It can be found at the intersection of East Crawford Drive and Patterson Avenuee, located next to the Coastguard HQ.


Get onto Webster Avenue and follow it down straight to the Wildcats Baseball Stadium, or go down East Crawford Drive, turn on to Angus Wharf, and follow it to the Wildcats Baseball Stadium. Jump into oncoming traffic at the beginning of the race, and find ramps or billboards along Webster Avenue to refill the boost bar.


Burnout Paradise - Cavalry Burning Route01:15

Burnout Paradise - Cavalry Burning Route

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