Check it out! Is a 3-player online Freeburn Challenge that has the player leap from the Fry Avenue car park, over Franke Avenue and land on the DJR Sports store. A recommended car to use would be a Stunt class car, as if you miss the jump, the air that was obtained replenishes the boost bar to try again. To complete the challenge, all 3 players must meet on the top of the car park on Fry Avenue. Then, all three players must NOT boost over the first ramp, as this goes onto the roof of a tenement building, where the jump required to clear the jump is found. After clearing the first ramp, the players must reverse backwards until touching the car park roof. Then, the players must boost all way over the ramp and across Franke Avenue. Whilst jumping, the player will encounter a billboard just in front of the ramp to jump from. After clearing the gap, accelerate slowly around the corner of the store to avoid from being hit by incoming players. The recommended car for use would be a Toy Car, as every time it goes into cutscene of a crash, it always appears as a driveaway.

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