The Classic Hotrod is the reincarnation of the Hot Rod from Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is very heavy and lacks in control yet slides around constantly. It can't be used in the World Tour but it has great capabilities for takedowns in Road Rage. The Classic Hotrod is built for aggressive driving while at the expense of being the slowest in its class alongside the Custom Coupe Ultimate. The same vehicle appears with the same unlock method in Burnout Legends, although its body is changed to dark red.

How to Unlock Edit

Collect all of the Special Event Postcards. The player must complete the WGP before it can be unlocked.

Resemblance Edit

The Classic Hotrod bears homage to classic Hot Rod culture with large rear wheels, a flame vinyl, a chopped roof and a large grill. It resembles an heavily modified '32 Ford Model A.

This vehicle also resembles the Custom Classic from Burnout Revenge. The Classic Hotrod also resembles the Carson Hot Rod Coupe and Carson Tribal Special in Burnout Paradise, as they are future reincarnations of the vehicle.


  • While hitting walls and guard-rails at high speed with a certain angle range, the car can climb the obstacle with one front wheel. This behavior can make car accelerate a bit but also destroy it; pay attention while doing Road Rage.
  • When the player selects to drive the Classic Hotrod, the rivals will drive Muscle cars.

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