The Classic Muscle is the only car players can start with in Burnout Dominator, but it proves itself to be the perfect learning car and a all-rounder vehicle. It's slippery enough to drift well, responsive enough to maneuver through traffic, and heavy enough to compete in a Road Rage. Its acceleration and steering are average compared to other classics but it isn't underpowered and can win any event.

Represented as a car of Black Gold Highway, the Classic Muscle has a Texas license plate that reads "DO-CL-02" (Dominator Classic 02).

The Classic Muscle comes in Red, Black and Brown.

How to UnlockEdit

Available from the beginning.


The basic shape of the Classic Muscle is similar to that of a 1971 Ford Mustang or a Chevelle SS. The headlights and grill are similar to the Stock C175 Super from Burnout Revenge