Cop Racer
Game BurnoutLegLogo
Class Race Special
Boosting 209 MPH

The Cop Racer is a unique vehicle added to Burnout Legends. It has the same model as the US Circuit Racer and the World Circuit Racer, except that a red police light has been installed to the back of the vehicle, and that one part of the huge wing glows blue, like real police strobe lights. It also sports a police vinyl and the number 725.

Apart from those differences, however, the Cop Racer has no differences performance-wise compared to the US or World Circuit Racers.

How to UnlockEdit

Win Gold in all the Pursuit events.


This car resembles an F1 race car. It uses the same model as the Logitech World Racer from Burnout Revenge. It is the predecessor of Burnout Paradise's Krieger PCPD Special.

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