Coupe Prototype
Game Burnout3Logo
Class Coupe
Speedicon Stat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (5)
Weighticon Stat-noneStat-noneStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (2)
Boosting 175 MPH

The Coupe Prototype is a vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown. It is an upgrade of the Coupe Type 3.

Description Edit

Sported with a new spoiler, wheels, and multicolor paint finish, the Coupe Prototype has improved stats over its Type 3 predecessor. While steering requires a little more effort, the grip is excellent and allows players to drift comfortably. The prototype also appears to be sturdier, making it more viable for Road Rage.

The default finish is red/white, but players can also choose from blue/white and black/white.

How to Unlock Edit

Awarded for a Gold in the Continental Run Face-Off 1 event.

Resemblance Edit

The Coupe Type 3's overall shape suggests influences from the E46 BMW M3, while the front end resembles that of the Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM with a mix of the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car.

See Also Edit

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