The Coupe Type 2 is a vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown.

The Coupe Type 2's handling is somewhat similar to the Coupe Type 1 & Coupe Type 3 despite its wide and heavy appearance. This car feels generally big. On the track, it is slightly bigger than the other cars in its series, making it good for takedowns. At the same time, however, its size makes it a bigger target. Cornering typically isn't a problem for the Coupe Type 2. Its top speed isn't as fast as the other cars in it series but a win can be managed.

Red, blue, and white can be chosen as colors for the Coupe Type 2.

How to Unlock Edit

Awarded for unlocking the Coupe Series, which requires the completion of the Muscle Grand Prix.

Resemblance Edit

The Coupe Type 2 mostly resemble a mid-to-late 1990s BMW M3 (E36) with a different headlight shape and a generic racing conversion. The rear of the car also bears resemblance to the Mercedes-Benz CLK430.

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