Crash Headlines are special variety of Crashes in Burnout 3 and Burnout Legends. The headline will add to the list by wrecking as much traffic as possible to score large amount of Crash Dollars in each area. Collecting all 10 Crash Headlines will unlock the Fire Truck.

List of Crash Headlines Edit

Headline How to Unlock
Bayside Blitz! $900,000 Crash Damage on a Waterfront Junction
Downtown Demolition $650,000 Crash Damage on a Downtown Junction
Silver Lake Lunacy! $600,000 Crash Damage on a Silver Lake Junction
Winter City Frozen! $800,000 Crash Damage on a Winter City Junction
Alpine Smash! $900,000 Crash Damage on an Alpine Junction
Riviera Wreck! $750,000 Crash Damage on a Riviera Junction
Grape Harvest Crushed! $850,000 Crash Damage on a Vineyard Junction
Golden City Madness! $750,000 Crash Damage on a Golden City Junction
Dockside Ridge Ruin! $1,000,000 Crash Damage on a Dockside Junction
Trouble in Paradise! $750,000 Crash Damage on an Island Paradise Junction

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