Getting a start in games
Crash TV Podcast - Episode 8 Crash TV
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Length 31:27 Date 8/27/08
Crash TV Episode 8 - 'Getting a start in games' was released August 27, 2008 on iTunes. It is 31 minutes and 27 seconds long. It features a spotlight on what it takes to be an artistic game designer, a spotlight on Online Road Rage, and a spotlight on two bikes being included in the Burnout Bikes Update, the Nakamura FV1100 and Firehawk V4.


Crash TV Breaking NewsEdit

Doug reports that the Burnout Paradise game has released on the US PlayStation Store, Nakamura unveils 2 new bikes: FV1100 and Firehawk V4, and traffic get overcrowded on the streets of Paradise City due to the new Cagney update.

Crash TV Spotlight: Being a Video Game ArtistEdit

Yuta of the car team teaches us how to become a video game artist.

Gameplay: Online Road RageEdit

The team play an Online Road Rage team-by-team.

Community NewsEdit

The team brings us a news about the community.


  • Hosts: Matt Webster, and Jez

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