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The Criterion Games Network is a free service which allows users to access a range of information including gameplay statistics for themselves and their friends. Initially only accessible from within the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of Burnout Paradise the service was extended and made available from any web browser via Criterion Games's website for any user playing the PS3, PC or Xbox 360 versions of the game.

To access the web browser version users must log-in with an email address linked to an Xbox LIVE, EA PC or PlayStation Network ID. From the Criterion Games Network users can access news about the game and view information about themselves and their friends including gameplay statistics, online rank and which downloadable content packs have been purchased.

Criterion Games Network has been offline for good since July 2011. Accessing to the page on the PS3 will immediately prompt players to return to the game.



Crash TV Podcast Episode 28 - Inside Criterion Games08:26

Crash TV Podcast Episode 28 - Inside Criterion Games

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