The Criterion Racer GT is one of the fastest vehicles in Burnout Revenge. Its speed can reach a maximum of 209 miles per hour with the boost engaged but this also makes the GT have a higher tendency to crash. This flaw makes the GT a less than recommended choice for Road Rage but in return it can perform magnificently in Races and Eliminators where speed is critical to victory.

The Criterion Racer GT has superb acceleration and super light weight that is crucial for racing, but it is one of the worst choices for road rage. The control is responsive to the extreme and the car handles without brakeless drifting. The Criterion Racer GT's sensitive movements can be both a player's best friend and worst enemy. If not handled well, the vehicle can lose all of its speed and control and end up facing a wall or in the wrong direction. Players may have to reverse to get out of such a situation. After spinning out, it sometimes takes a moment for the car to regain complete control. Although its capabilities are inferior to the Revenge Racer, the Criterion Racer GT can reach up to 215 MPH even though the boost speed is labeled 209 MPH.

Originally, the Criterion Racer GT was supposed to be the special car of White Mountain, but it was accidentally swapped with the EA Racer GT in the earlier ports. However, this issue was fixed when Burnout Revenge was released for the XBOX 360 in 2006.

How to Unlock Edit

PS2/Xbox - Complete the Central Route Challenge Sheet.
Xbox 360 - Complete the White Mountain Challenge Sheet.

Resemblance Edit

The Criterion Racer GT bears a strong resemblance to the Bentley Speed 8 with the exception of its paint job and overall length as the Bentley has both a longer nose and tail.

The Criterion Racer GT is an alternative livery version of the EA Racer GT and performs exactly the same. Also is the same car is about Dominator Super from Burnout 3: Takedown.

Notes Edit