The Custom Coupe is a customized variant of the Coupe. In terms of aesthetic enhancements it is equipped with aerobody kits and an aqua stripe tear vinyl. Performance-wise it has double the speed of the original Coupe and two more acceleration points but it sacrifices much of the control found in its original variant.

The Custom Coupe can be rather slow starting up, due to its barely above-average acceleration stat, which is the lowest acceleration stat in the Custom Series. Once it picks up speed, however, it's a force to be reckoned with, due to its near-perfect top speed and impressive handling. It is a good choice for some of the later races, but it is outclassed by vehicles with higher overall stats, such as the Custom Sport, the Supercar and the Japanese Muscle.

The Custom Coupe would go onto become one of the most recognizable vehicles in the series and would appear the most out of all recurring vehicles, appearing in Burnout 3, Legends, Dominator and Paradise.

Unlock MethodEdit

Win the Split Second Grand Prix.


The Custom Coupe Ultimate greatly resembles a sixth-generation Honda Civic coupe with a modified bodykit. The rear greatly resembles the Honda CR-X with its taillights and its semi-hatchback appearance.

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