The Custom Hot Rod is a Vehicle in Burnout Dominator. It uses the Same model as the Hot Rod from Burnout Revenge. It performs much as a balanced car in the Hot Rod series, allowing it to compete in any event with ease.

How to Unlock Edit

Drift a total of 9,000 feet during the Maniac event on Spiritual Gate.

Resemblance Edit

In real life the Custom Hot Rod looks similar to a Ford Model A or B Coupe used in the American Hot Rod culture. The only difference from a "normal" Hot Rod is that it features a very sleek style.

Notes Edit


Custom Hot Rod's Boost Bug in the PSP version

  • The tail lights do not have any glare effects in the PS2 version of Dominator
  • The boost flames appear in the middle of the exhaust pipes and not at the ends where they should appear in the PSP version of Dominator.
  • It also of Hot Rod from Burnout 2: Point of Impact.
  • Only AI can change the color.

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