The Custom M-Type ST is an unlockable race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

The Custom M-Type ST is a well rounded car; it handles and accelerates well for an M-Type vehicle albeit sporting slight understeer, and it is tough enough to take out rivals while enduring itself against counterblows. Despite its strength, however, it doesn't seem to be the best brawler. Inexperienced players might find the car's maneuverability overpowered in Road Rage events, resulting in them occasionally missing rivals, unless boost is used conservatively.

It can be applied with various body colors including; sky blue/white, red/white, blue/white, black/white, gray/black, dark green/white, yellow/black, midnight blue/white, light blue/white, and white/blue.

How to UnlockEdit

Earn a Bronze Medal at White Mountain Grand Prix 2 in Rank 2.

Resemblance Edit

The Custom M-Type ST has a similar body to that of the Dodge Viper and Honda S2000. Its headlights look like those of a Murciélago.Its backlights look similair to those of the 2010 Shelby GT500

Notes Edit

  • The Custom M-Type ST is fitted with a license plate that reads "RM-MU-01"

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