The Custom R170 ST is an unlockable race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

The Custom R170 ST is specially designed for racing. Although it's acceleration is average, it has very responsive handling and surprisingly decent ramming power to take out rivals. However, it is still a fragile car due to its super light weight and therefore not recommended for Road Rage events. Interestingly, the vehicle also seems to be a great choice for catching air in events; this opens greater opportunities to achieving vertical takedowns and rating boosts.

It can be applied with various body colors including; yellow, purple, orange, silver, red, blue, black, gray, and crystal blue.

How to UnlockEdit

Earn a Bronze Medal at Eternal City Race Long Forwards in a Rank 2.

Notes Edit

  • The Custom R170 ST is fitted with a license plate that reads "RM-RC-01"


The car seems to be a cross between the Porsche Cayman and Chevrolet Corvette C6

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