The Custom Roadster is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is a variant of the original Roadster and comes equipped with an aerodynamic body kit along with a windshield sticker that states "Custom Series." The engine has been improved considerably but suffers greatly in the corners due to poor handling.

At the start of races, the Custom Roadster will usually get a massive lead if a Boost Start is executed, due to its unparalleled acceleration. In addition, this acceleration allows it to recover from crashes quickly. Its top speed is also fairly high, making it one of the fastest cars in the game, losing out only to cars such as the Supercar and the Japanese Muscle. However, corners are a nightmare for the Custom Roadster, due to its extremely poor handling, especially for a Custom Series vehicle. When turning, it is very prone to losing grip and entering an unintentional drift, which can throw the player off in sections where hard turns without drifts are desired, such as Crystal Summit Peak, and even cause crashes in extreme cases. These factors make it a bad choice for beginners, but advanced players can use it with immense power if they are able to overcome the poor handling.

CPU-controlled Custom Roadsters are a force to be reckoned with, and are some of the hardest CPU racers in the game. They are able to keep up with the player regardless of skill and are likely to overtake if the player crashes even once. In addition, the CPU are able to keep their grip longer than the player is, and can make split-second decisions in order to maintain high speed even with the Custom Roadster's many disadvantages. These CPUs are usually the ones who will be the lead of the pack.

As an opponent in the Championship, it appears as an opponent in the last two Grand Prix of the Custom Series Championship; the Point of Impact Grand Prix and the Heart Attack Grand Prix.

How to UnlockEdit

Win the Point Of Impact Grand Prix.


The Custom Roadster resembles the Toyota Supra with the headlights of the Honda S2000. It also resembles a heavily modified Lotus Elise or either a modified version of the original Roadster from Burnout (first game). The front (not mentioning the headlights) looks like the Porcshe Boxster.


  • In the Xbox version, the Custom Roadster features an additional stripe down the middle of it, which can be colored red/white, gray/blue, black/orange or yellow/black.

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