The Custom SUV is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is a modified variant of the SUV complete with a body kit and a tear vinyl. It has been greatly improved from its original and is astonishingly quick for its size. Unlike other Custom vehicles the Custom SUV doesn't suffer from any handling issues despite the performance enhancements.

As a CPU-controlled vehicle, the Custom SUV moves as sluggishly as its original counterpart does until the rubberband AI kicks in. If you get too far ahead, the Custom SUV will not hesitate to kick up its speed to ridiculous proportions. For a car of its size, the CPU can certainly move quite swiftly, easily weaving in and out of traffic. It is more subject to crashing out than others, however, due to it's barely above-average handling. They should not be taken lightly, as they can hold their own against some of the slower cars in the Custom Series, such as the Custom Pickup or the Custom Coupe. They excel in tracks with long straightways.

As an opponent in the Custom Series Championship, the Custom SUV appears in three events; it appears as an opponent in the Speed Streak Grand Prix and Split Second Grand Prix, and is also the target car in Pursuit 4.

How to UnlockEdit

Shut it down in Pursuit 4.


The Custom SUV resembles a Chevrolet Blazer.

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