The Custom Series Championship is the second main mode of Single Player in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is available after beating the Custom Series Qualifier stage in the standard Championship.

This special championship is focused mainly on the unlocking of the Custom Series of vehicles as every stage unlocks an additional car (with the exception of the final). There are many more races in every Grand Prix and nearly all of them are in Reverse.

The Custom Series Championship is considered the ultimate Single Player game mode in terms of difficulty.

Stages Edit

This Championship features 7 Stages alternating between Grand Prix and Pursuits.

Custom Series Championship stage 01 - Speed Streak Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Speed Streak Grand Prix
Grand Prix Custom Sport B2 thumb B2 Trophy D
4 Races Custom Sport
Custom Series Championship stage 02 - Pursuit 4 - B2 thumb
Pursuit 4
Pursuit Custom SUV B2 thumb
1 Custom SUV
Custom Series Championship stage 03 - Split Second Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Split Second Grand Prix
Grand Prix Custom Coupe B2 thumb B2 Trophy E
5 Races Custom Coupe
Custom Series Championship stage 04 - Pursuit 5 - B2 thumb
Pursuit 5
Pursuit Custom Pickup B2 thumb
1 Custom Pickup
Custom Series Championship stage 05 - Point Of Impact Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Point Of Impact Grand Prix
Grand Prix Custom Roadster B2 thumb B2 Trophy F
6 Races Custom Roadster
Custom Series Championship stage 06 - Pursuit 6 - B2 thumb
Pursuit 6
Pursuit Custom Muscle B2 thumb
1 Custom Muscle
Custom Series Championship stage 07 - Heart Attack Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Heart Attack Grand Prix
Grand Prix B2 Trophy G
7 Races

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