The Custom Sport is an upgraded variant of Burnout 2: Point of Impact's Sports Vehicle. It is equipped with an aerodynamic body kit, an American flag vinyl, a spoiler, and a roof scoop. The Custom Sport's performance has been greatly enhanced from its stock version and is a near-perfect car in terms of statistics.

Racing against a CPU-controlled Custom Sport can be tricky, but how much trouble they will pose usually depends on the player's choice of vehicle as well as the current track. On courses with long, straight stretches, CPU-controlled Custom Sports excel due to their high top speed and acceleration combo. They can easily recover from a crash and catch back up to the other racers. Tracks like 88 Interchange and both Airport Terminal tracks, where long straightways are common, are fairly good ground for CPU-controlled Custom Sport.

However, even with these advantages, they may still struggle to keep up with the player should they use a fast enough car, as well as other CPUs. CPU-controlled Custom Roadsters and Japanese Muscles can easily fend their ground against a Custom Sport, player or CPU-controlled.

As an opponent in the Custom Series Championship, it appears in two events; the Speed Streak Grand Prix and the Split Second Grand Prix.

How to UnlockEdit

Win the Speed Streak Grand Prix.

Resemblance Edit

The Custom Sport loosely resembles a modified Saleen S281 Mustang.

Notes Edit

  • The Custom Sport has four liveries in the Xbox release; the standard American flag vinyl, a Union Jack vinyl, a yellow/orange dragon vinyl, and a pink/maroon dragon vinyl.