Custom Sports
Game Burnout3Logo
Class Sports
Speedicon Stat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-noneStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (6)
Weighticon Stat-noneStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (1)
Boosting 185 MPH

The Custom Sports is unlike many of the first 5 cars in the Sports series by being very responsive without feeling too slippery. This is a car designed solely for racing, however, as it cannot perform takedowns well.

Unlike its predecessor, the Sports Type 1, the Custom Sports has excellent grip and handling while retaining its acceleration, making it a fit racer. The car does not handle any differently when it comes to fighting so it isn't good for road rage.

Black, white and blue are available colors for the Sports Type 1.

How to Unlock Edit

Awarded for earning 100,000 Burnout Points.

Resemblance Edit

As with its similar counterpart, the Sports Type 1, it resembles the Toyota MR2 Spyder and Noble M10, a British sports car.

See also Edit

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