Dam Buster Crash zone 14 - Dam Buster - B2 thumb
Crash zone 14 - Dam Buster - intersection
Part of Crash
Type Crash Zone
Goal Win at least a Bronze medal.
B2 Gold $ 10,000,000
B2 Silver $ 7,000,000
B2 Bronze $ 3,500,000

Dam Buster is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a Crash zone part of Crash mode.

It is the fifteenth of 15 zones available in the mode.

Description Edit

Burn across the Dam for a date with destruction!

Location Edit

The zone takes place on a portion of:

Title Icon
Crystal Summit Lake Crystal Summit Lake B2 thumb

Rewards Edit

  • Completing Dam Buster contributes, with the 14 other Crash Zones, to the unlocking of the Runaway cheat.

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