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Dock Fight
Dock Fight 1
Located In Motor City
B2 Gold $9,000,000
B2 Silver $6,000,000
B2 Bronze $1,000,000
Deconstruction Site
Dock Fight is the first crash junction featured in Burnout Revenge. It takes place in an area outside the circuits of Motor City. The intersection can easily get blocked by clipping a big rig or smashing a stationary car. Beyond the cross traffic is a lot in the freight yard where players can tag a few parked cars and a trailer. As long as enough vehicles are blown up, the player should be able to not only get the gold, but achieve the zone's 2 crash challenge targets. There isn't any crash vehicle that could really hold anyone back from succeeding, although a faster car is more ideal for getting up to the traffic.

Notes Edit

  • The XBOX 360 version made this junction a little easier, dropping the silver target to $3,000,000 and gold to $5,500,000. It is still possible to get up to the original targets, though.