Dominator Trophies is the award system in Burnout Dominator. Each trophy is awarded after a specific task is completed or a certain amount of Takedowns, Near Misses or Maniac Points are earned. These awards affect Dominator Points and all awards need to be unlocked to complete the game.


DominatorTrophy-Rookie Rookie Trophy
Win 10 Gold Medals
Get 10 Total Takedowns
50,000 Total Maniac Points
Get 50 Total Near Misses
Perform Your 1st Burnout
Perform Your 1st Takedown Rampage
Win Race after 3 Crashes
DominatorTrophy-Reckless Reckless Trophy
Win 25 Gold Medals
Get 100 Total Takedowns
500,000 Total Maniac Points
Get 500 Total Near Misses
Unlock Any Dominator Car
Perform Your 1st Aftertouch Takedown
3 Takedowns On The Same Rival In A Race
DominatorTrophy-Fearless Fearless Trophy
Win 50 Gold Medals
Get 250 Total Takedowns
1,000,000 Total Maniac Points
Get 1,000 Total Near Misses
5x Burnout Boost Chain
Perform Your 1st Double Takedown
Perform Your 1st Vertical Takedown
DominatorTrophy-Maniac Maniac Trophy
Win 70 Gold Medals
Get 500 Total Takedowns
2,500,000 Total Maniac Points
Get 2,500 Total Near Misses
10x Burnout Boost Chain
Win A Race Without Crashing
Boost For A Whole Lap
DominatorTrophy-Dominator Dominator Trophy
Win All Gold Medals
Get 1,000 Total Takedowns
Get 5,000,000 Total Maniac Points
Get 5,000 Total Near Misses
15x Burnout Boost Chain
Unlock All Shortcuts
Unlock All Cars

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