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Down Hill Demolition Crash zone 01 - Down Hill Demolition - B2 thumb
Crash zone 01 - Down Hill Demolition - intersection
Part of Crash
Type Crash Zone
Goal Win at least a Bronze medal.
B2 Gold $ 2,000,000
B2 Silver $ 1,000,000
B2 Bronze $ 500,000

Down Hill Demolition is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a Crash zone part of Crash mode.

It is the first of 15 zones available in the mode.

Description Edit

Rush down the hill and cause as much Damage as you can!

Location Edit

The zone takes place on a portion of:

Title Icon
Palm Bay Heights Palm Bay Heights B2 thumb

Rewards Edit

  • Completing Down Hill Demolition contributes, with the 14 other Crash Zones, to the unlocking of the Runaway cheat.