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A map of Downtown

Downtown is a track within the USA in Burnout 3. It is based predominantly on Chicago, Illinois, with some details inspired by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It takes you through the streets of a busy city with bridges, a main street, and a section of elevated railroad with lots of pillars that can be extremely dangerous for beginner and veteran drivers alike. The pillars can also get you takedowns though, and can be useful for scoring points on Road Rage events.


Race Events

Event Direction Type Goal Car Limits
Preview Lap 1 Southbound Preview Lap B2 Gold 1:03.00 Sports Type 3
B2 Silver 1:10.00
B2 Bronze 1:30.00
Road Rage 1 Southbound Compact Series B2 Gold 5 Takedowns
B2 Silver 3 Takedowns
B2 Bronze 1 Takedown
Race 1 Northbound Compact Series Tuned Compact
Race 2 Southbound Muscle Series
Road Rage Northbound Muscle Series B2 Gold 9 Takedowns
B2 Silver 5 Takedowns
B2 Bronze 2 Takedowns
Preview Lap 2 Northbound Preview Lap B2 Gold 0:55.00 Euro-Circuit Racer
B2 Silver 1:03.00
B2 Bronze 1:15.00

Crash EventsEdit

Event Goal Crashbreaker in
Cross Traffic B2 Gold $145,000 8 Wrecks
B2 Silver $100,000
B2 Bronze $60,000
Demolition B2 Gold $190,000 8 Wrecks
B2 Silver $150,000
B2 Bronze $55,000
Dead End B2 Gold $500,000 10 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $70,000
Wrecks City B2 Gold $450,000 10 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $70,000
Hate To Be Late B2 Gold $600,000 15 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $80,000
Hold Tight B2 Gold $500,000 12 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $80,000
Traffic Jammed B2 Gold $450,000 10 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $80,000
Bus Blockade B2 Gold $400,000 14 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $85,000
Grid Locked B2 Gold $600,000 12 Wrecks
B2 Silver $400,000
B2 Bronze $90,000
Air Rage B2 Gold $500,000 12 Wrecks
B2 Silver $200,000
B2 Bronze $90,000
Hit And Run B2 Gold $500,000 15 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $80,000

Signature Takedowns Edit

Pillar Driller Hit the Split Truck Torpedo

Crash HeadlineEdit

Downtown Demolition - Cause a crash damage of $650,000.

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