The Etnies Racer has a high strength which makes it very difficult to be taken out. Its handling is superb for a car of this weight and speed class. The Etnies Racer was based off a company also called Etnies which sells signature shoe models and professional skateboards.

Built for fast and aggressive racing, the Etnies Racer is the second heaviest race vehicle in Burnout Revenge. In spite of its medium weight, it handles well and has good acceleration. Much like the Oval Racer in Burnout 3: Takedown, this car is excellent at both taking cars down and surviving enemy attacks. Some players may find the Etnies Racer to be overpowered though as it can zoom past rivals easily in road rage. While not as strong as the Low Rider, the Etnies Racer's handling is responsive enough to get players out of danger in case they are pushed by an opponent. It is also one of the few race vehicles with a Force 6 Crashbreaker in the original ports, but it is brought all the way up to 10 in the XBOX 360.

How to Unlock

Complete the Motor City Challenge Sheet.

Resemblance Edit

It closely resembles a NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

It uses the same model as the Hunter Racing Oval Champ in Burnout Paradise.

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