It is one of the fastest cars in the game due to its high speed rating although the Euro Circuit Racer has more weight than the other Circuit Racers which means that its a more viable choice for aggressive drivers and Road Rage events, but less viable choice for Crash events.

The Euro Circuit Racer is the most well-rounded in performance out of the three Circuit Racer Specials. Its grip and steering are very exceptional although they stand between the car's competitors. For example, the Euro turns better than the World although it is beaten by the US Circuit Racer. The opposite can be said about each car's handling. Apart from a unique model, what makes the Euro Circuit Racer stand out is its heavier weight. It doesn't take on a very aggressive appearance but is able to take out its rivals with an appropriate amount of effort. Despite it being stronger, its speed and acceleration are roughly identical to the other circuit racers. In addition to its median performance, the Euro also appears to be the second most difficult circuit racer to unlock.

In Burnout 3, the Euro Circuit Racer is available in Red, black and blue. This car featured a green finish in Burnout Dominator.

How to Unlock Edit

Attain all Takedown Trophies.

Resemblance Edit

The Euro Circuit Racer is a composite of late Le Mans Series Group C prototypes as well as GT1 class racers such as the Porsche 962 and the Porsche 911 GT1. It appears to bear the closest resemblance to the Group 6 Prototype-Sports car and the 1971 Porsche 917K due to the distinct rear body.

This vehicle also resembles the Euro Circuit Racer from Burnout Dominator and Burnout Legends.


  • Players must attain all Takedown Trophies to drive this vehicle in Single Player Events but it is available to be driven in a few Burning Lap events and in the Gold Medal GP.
  • When driving at very high speed against walls or on high slopes, the car might do a frontal flip and crash.
  • If this car is selected in Road Rage/Race, the rivals will use cars from the Super series.

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