Euro Circuit Racer
03Euro Circuit Racer
Game BurnoutDomLogo
Class Race Special
Ratings Unknown
Boosting 200 MPH

The Euro Circuit Racer is a returning vehicle that has appeared in Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Legends. It's one of the fastest vehicles in the game and is in the Race Specials vehicle class. What sets it apart from the other vehicles in its class is it's light weight as it has enough weight to do well in a Road Rage and yet is light enough to make it around corners effectively. The Euro Circuit Racer is available in Red, Black and Green color schemes, But AI can use it in blue for unknown reasons. It also has returning fictional sponsors including AGT, MKR, EIXA, Uniwood Audio and Masrotianni.

How to Unlock Edit

The Euro Circuit Racer is the starting vehicle for the Race Specials vehicle class, and is avalible from the beginning of the game in record breaker mode.

Resemblance Edit

The Euro Circuit Racer is a composite of late Le Man Series LMP classes and GT1 Class Racers with hints of the Ferrari 512M and Porsche 917K.

it also resembles a Ford GT somewhat, and the Ford GT40.

This vehicle also resembles the Euro Circuit Racer from Burnout 3: Takedown.

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