Description Edit

The Euro Classic is the fourth car in the Classic Series in Burnout Dominator, and is the lightest of this class. As a result, it's not effective for competing in Road Rages, but is great for a player who prefers earning boost via Oncoming and Near Misses as opposed to taking someone down (a viable option in Dominator as these methods are the best way of sustaining Supercharge Boost).

The Euro Classic comes in Red, Yellow and Grey color schemes.

How to Unlock Edit

Takedown the Euro Classic in the “Race on Spiritual Towers” event.

Resemblance Edit

The distinguishing feature of the Euro Classic, the pair of diagonally framed headlights, is very similar to the Chrysler 300G.But the Euro part of its name is because the rest of the car resemmbles an Aston Martin DB5.