The Euro Classic LM is a car from Burnout Revenge. It appears to be based on the 20th century Le Mans cars, and the LM in the name most probably stands for Le Mans. It reappears in Burnout Dominator and Burnout Paradise.

It is an excellent choice for Race because of it's Super Light weight and agile steering, but makes it a poor usage for Road Rage and Crash.

The vehicle has superb acceleration, like most other Super Light cars do. It's low-slung body makes the vehicle feel heavy when driving, though this doesn't realy mean that the vehicle is heavy, it just feels like it is.

The Euro cannot maintain the extra speed it gets from doing Drift Jumps. Once the boosted speed is gained, it quickly goes away, making it's competition against the Revenge Racer almost matchable.

Colors that can be selected include red, light blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, dark red, blue, and olive green. In the HD version aqua blue and purple finishes are featured.

How to Unlock Edit

Complete the Eternal City Challenge Sheet.

Resemblance Edit

This vehicle closely resembles the Ferrari P4 330 and the Jaguar D-type.

The Euro Classic LM makes a return in Burnout Paradise as the Rossolini LM Classic .

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