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Face Off
B2 Face Off Start
Type Race
Goal Cross the finish First.
Players 1 P + 1 CPU
Total 5 Face Off + 1 Special Face Off
Disambig iconThis article is about game mode in Burnout 2. For the cheat in the same game, see Face Off (Burnout 2 Cheat).

A Face Off in Burnout 2: Point of Impact is a slight variant mode of the standard Race. The aim is the same -to finish first- but the difference lies within the fact that only one CPU rival races against the Player.

Face Offs are only found in the Championship mode of Burnout 2 and until the unlocking of the cheat mode, Face Off cannot be played outside of the Championship's context or imitated through Single Race since 3 rivals are always present.


Excluding the change in the number of opponents, Face Off remains at its core a Single Race as no further differences exist.

Upon winning the event, the Player is rewarded by the unlocking of the CPU's vehicle. In this sense, Face Off can be seen as the virtual equivalent of Pink Slip races.


All Face Offs in the game are part of the Championship, the list is as follows:

TitlePart OfRewards
Championship stage 02 - Face Off 1 - B2 thumb Championship Hot Rod B2 thumb
Face Off 1 N/A Hot Rod
Championship stage 06 - Face Off 2 - B2 thumb Championship Oval Racer B2 thumb
Face Off 2 N/A Oval Racer
Championship stage 10 - Face Off 3 - B2 thumb Championship Japanese Muscle B2 thumb
Face Off 3 N/A Japanese Muscle
Championship stage 14 - Face Off 4 - B2 thumb Championship Supercar B2 thumb
Face Off 4 N/A Supercar
Championship stage 15 - Custom Series Qualifier - B2 thumb Championship Custom Compact B2 thumb
Custom Series Qualifier N/A Custom Compact