Face Off 2 Championship stage 06 - Face Off 2 - B2 thumb
Championship stage 06 - Face Off 2 - B2 menu
Part of Championship
Type Face Off
Goal Place 1st
Oval Racer B2 thumb

Face Off 2 is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Championship.

It is the sixth stage of the Championship and is composed of a Face Off. This one can be noticeably harder than the previous Face Off. The event takes place on Airport Terminal 3, and the opponent is the Oval Racer. The Hot Rod is a viable choice, as is the Roadster, and if unlocked, the Driver's Ed, as the dense traffic this course can have as well as the speed of the Oval Racer can make this Face Off quite challenging.

Finishing the race in first place unlocks the Oval Racer for the player's use.

Events Edit

This event is comprised of a single Face Off.

Title Icon
Airport Terminal 3 Airport Terminal 3 B2 thumb

Rewards Edit

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