The Factory M-Type GT is the fastest vehicle of the Factory M-Type series. An improved hood, a racing bodykit, a massive spoiler and racing headlights give the M-Type GT the appearance and capabilities of a race car whilst armed with a level 9 Crashbreaker make it a machine not to be taken lightly.

One of the paint colors is replaced with a lighter shade of purple and silver wheels. The fully upgraded version of the Factory M-Type features many new modifications and an excellent top speed speed. While the force 9 crashbreaker is shared with other 202 MPH cars in the 360 version, it has a unique force of 6 in the original ports.

How to Unlock Edit

Earn a Bronze Medal at the Eternal City Traffic Attack Short Reverse in Rank 8.

Resemblance Edit

 The Factory M-Type GT somewhat resembles the Chevrolet Corvette C6.R and Corvette C7.R, with slight design cues from TVR.

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