The Factory R160 ST is one of two race vehicles initially available to players in Burnout Revenge.

The Factory R160 ST is one of the most versatile standard car models, equipped with excellent handling and adequate Takedown abilities. However, its acceleration is surprisingly lacking, and withstanding punishment from rivals can be a challenge in extreme situations. Despite these drawbacks, the car seems compatible with any type of driving event. The R160 won't take the player very far, but it's the perfect learning car. Like many race vehicles, the R160 isn't a good choice for Crash events due to its weak Crashbreaker and light weight.

It can be applied with various body colors including; red, blue, black, grey, yellow, purple, orange, silver, crimson, and aqua blue.


The R160 heavily resembles the Factory Five GTM or a cross between the Ford GT and Saleen S7. It also looks similar to the Super Type 3 from Burnout 3: Takedown and the Carson 500 GT from Burnout Paradise.

How to UnlockEdit

This car can be obtained from the start.

Notes Edit

  • The Factory R160 ST is fitted with a license plate that reads "DT-RC-01"
  • In the Burnout Revenge PlayStation 2 Demo, the R160 ST could reach 185 MPH and produced a different engine sound.
  • In Road Rage, there is a modelling bug where the rear bumper is a bit off to the right. In the selection screen, however, it appears normally.

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