Factory R185 DX
Factory R185 DX
Game BurnoutRevLogo
Weighticon Light
Breakericon Force 6
Boosting 185 MPH

Apart from speed the car has no change in performance, but the Factory R185 DX (Detroit Racer 2) features several modifications:

  • A spoiler and bodykit have been added.
  • It now has different mirrors, as well as a hood scoop.
  • The rear is extended and slopes downward.
  • Wheel colors change with certain paint.
  • The exhausts are twin instead of compound.
  • New rims decorate the wheels.
  • The license plate is DT-RC-02.

How to Unlock Edit

Earn a Bronze Medal at the Eternal City Crashbreaker Race Long Reverse in Rank 5.

Resemblance Edit

The front of the car resembles that of the Ford GT.

Notes Edit

  • In the original ports, this car was accidentally labeled as the Factory R175 DX.

See Also Edit

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