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Konami's Arcade Game; Thrill Drive

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Okay, so, as I was playing Burnout 2: Point of Impact two years ago, the game just reminds me of something that I've seen before when I was a kid. That REALLY gives me a chill coming down my spine. It's called "Thrill Drive", a game that EXACTLY has the same gameplay as the first Burnout game is. However, that arcade cabinet that it was putted on the mall before was, unfortunately, not working and instead put at the storage room in early 2008. The last time I saw that cabinet working was around 2003 to 2007 and I only play it once because I'm scared to play it and whenever I got crashed, there's a deafening scream that outputs from the Cabinet's speaker. Too bad I didn't picture it, but there's YouTube and Google, so I searched it there. And as I watch the gameplay on YouTube, I am 100% sure that this game WAS INDEED the Burnout before Criterion made it. Also, they have different cars as well, from a small car, to Van, and hell, EVEN TRUCKS AND BUS!

Do you think this is just plain coincidence or Criterion just made this game as an inspiration to Burnout?



Thrill Drive Gameplay

Take note that the FIRST Burnout was released on 2001 on PS2 while the First Thrill Drive was released on 1998 for Arcades ONLY. Burnout was developed by Acclaim and Criterion, while Thrill Drive was developed by Konami. Thrill Drive has two sequels (Thrill Drive 2 and 3) while Burnout has five sequels (excluding the non-canon).

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